Sales and after-sale Service

Before-sale service

Acemeh's dedicated and knowledgeable service staff is without a doubt one of your top advantages as a Acemeh customer.

Our people's specialised training, along with their practical know-how and team spirit, allow them to concentrate on offering you cost-effective support tailored to your needs.

Acemeh provide design of machanical construction. We also offer lay out drawing of the whole recycling line according to your plant, such as water pipe, cables, compress air,etc.

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After-sale service

Acemeh offers a wide range of system training courses considering to your requirements. In these, we provide you with a sound knowledge of how to work with our systems. Numerous non- machine-specifictraining courses round off our program.

Our after-sale service team provides 24 hours, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, non-stop fast answer service. The technical department will provide solutions in 24 hours according to your problems.

We also offer update trainings. Learn safe handling of our machines and get in shape for practical work.

Please let us know your training needs and requirements.

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Spare parts

Only original spare parts function under warranty in Acemeh machines, because they not only meet the highest standards, but were also specially optimized for use in our machines.That way you ensure continuous production at a high level.

Via our service support bases in the USA, Brazil, China, Russia, and Germany, we can quickly deliver the most important service parts without time-consuming customs clearance.

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